The Adventure of Us

Our First Post, Yay!



This post is for all my friends who kept telling me to get a blog, because it would not be here without you! After Bradley and I got married, I thought about making one, but came up with a million excuses not to, so it didn’t happen until now, 6 months later. But better late than never!

This first post will be short, but we hope you all enjoy our blog. I will be running it for the most part. Adding posts on places we have traveled to along with some tips here and there. I will also be sharing fun and silly life moments, moments I love and scriptural thoughts.

Bradley will be adding post here and there too.  He will probably add travel tips and spiritual thoughts. If you know Bradley, you know he is the best travel planner EVER! All credit goes to him for our amazing trips, he really has this down guys. He gets us amazing deals everywhere we go on flights, hotels, Airbnb, you name it! So I would definitely watch out for his posts.

WE hope you enjoy it!!