The Adventure of Us

easy one day adventures

easy one day adventures

What’s the definition of an adventure? Everyone has their own opinion for this; I think it’s all relative. Yes, adventures can be exhilarating, rare, marvelous, and wondrous. But I don’t think we need to drain our bank accounts dry in order to experience all that adventures have to offer.

A is for adventure and art!! I believe that art is all around us and it’s up to us to spot it out! That said, finding art can be a grand and fantastic adventure; it’s one Bradley and I embark on quite frequently. When it comes to working a full time job, it’s easy to fall  into the habit of staying home during the weekend, doing household chores and watching tv! Don’t get me wrong though, I’ll be the first to say it feels sooo good to just lay on the couch, mindlessly watch your favorite TV show and eat takeout pad thai noodles haha until you’re sick to your stomach haha. But… once and awhile we both feel it is important to get out and explore, because most of the time you walk away having met someone you never would have met and learned something you never would have learned. So here are a few ideas that hopefully spark that weekend adventure bug inside of you!

Soooo…… Here are some great one day adventures:

Seven Magic Mountain (No cost): this colorful playground is right outside of Las Vegas Created by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone’s and opened on May 6th 2016 and will be here for 2 years it is diffidently worth exploring!

Ice Castles ($15 per person): There are locations in Midway UT,  Lincoln NH, Stillwater MN, Wisconsin Dells WI, & Edmonton AB! They usually open at the beginning of each new year!

Salvation Mountain (no cost): This monumental folk art is Leonard Knight’s Salvation Mountain which stands as an emblem to remind the world that “God is love”. It is located in Niland, CA which is about 2 hours east of San Diego.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art ($15 per person): Art lovers and adventure seekers the LACMA is the place for you! Their are hundreds of amazing pieces and great exhibits! We went to the Rain Room exhibit and it was so cool!