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How I Get my Beach Wave Curls

Okay Guys, lets talk hair! I get sooo many questions about how I do my hair, what products I use, if I color my hair, if I have extensions etc. So right now I wanted to take a minute to tell you about how I get my beach waves and how I make them last all day!

This Summer I found a brand that I really love, Beautopia Hair, and I have been using 3 of their most popular hair products to get my California beach wave look!

I”ll  walk you through how I use the products and what they are! The 3 products are:

1. Brocato Back to the Beach Texturizing Mist– After I am done curling my hair with a 1 in curling iron I gently comb through the curls and then spray this amazing texturizer all through out the curls and scrunch my hair ( your hair should still be totally dry after spraying).
2. Brocato Actives Enhancing Shine Serum – Then I squeeze a small amount of this shine serum into my hands and evenly distribute throughout my hair noticing areas that need more shine! ( I really love this product because I have naturally curly and slightly frizzy hair and it helps immensely with my frizz, especially in the summer when it’s humid out)
3. Brocato Maximum Hold Finishing Spray – Last I flip my head upside down and start spraying my hair with this maximum hold hairspray. Then I flip it back upright and spray again!! And there you have it- Perfect beach curls!!!
Let me know if you have any questions or want to see a tutorial!!



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