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One of my favorite things to do has always been traveling! I’m not sure what it is – if it’s the adventure of exploring somewhere new, the feelings of freedom, the beautiful sights that I always tend to see, or what, but I sure to do love it!

I have quite a few favorite trips that I’ve gone on. One of the trips that got me a lot more comfortable traveling was when I went on a last-minute trip to Dubai! One of my friends was doing an internship there and invited another friend and me to come and said we could stay there for free. I looked up flights and saw that there were some good deals, so I booked a flight! It was pretty crazy, but I had such a blast touring Dubai with my friends, then also driving through the desert all the way to Oman! We even had some locals show us into a secret watering hole that we swam in!

Another of my favorite trips was when my husband and I traveled throughout Southeast Asia for a month before we moved to Chicago! It was a total blast and I loved every minute of it – I really enjoyed playing with elephants in Thailand and riding on a scooter all around town. There was one time where we kept seeing the same guy all around Laos, which was soo weird!

My absolute favorite place on that trip was the island of Palawan in the Philippines, which was SO pretty! I am a big fan of blue water and Palawan has the bluest water (and we went to a lot of great beaches before and after)! I can’t wait for my next trip too!

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